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    The Hobie kayak model for rent on this page is the 9' Lanai. Perfect for smaller folks or anyone needing to minimize weight or carrying hassles. There's also a tandem built for two, but has a middle seat position for balanced operation by one if you want more flexibility in configuring the riders. All are comfortable; easy to keep headed straight; and cut through the water with ease.

    But, this is one rental item we can't ship - you have to come to our outdoors store in Tempe or Lake Havasu Arizona to rent a kayak. And it's a bit more involved than renting a tent, so there's more paperwork to explain it all. Or you can just call us for the details. But once you do, what an experience! There are kayaks, and then there are Hobie Kayaks. It's like, I really love my little Subaru CrossTrek, but a Ferrari would be a little better. And so it is when you compare a Hobie to a 'regular' kayak. Engineering, power, tracking, stability - all are noticeably better in a Hobie. These kayaks are sit-on-top models, which are great for lakes or slow rivers. Anything over Class 2 speed water is not recommended. Feel free to give us a call at 480-348-8917 to discuss the best option for you.

    Hobie offers many kayak options, and we rent a few representative models from our store to match with the type of water adventure you're planning. Feel free to give us a call to discuss the best option for you, or see below for brief information on each model we offer:

    *Single-person, traditional paddle-onlyLanai 9
    Two-person, traditional paddle-onlyKona
    One-person, fishing kayak, pedal systemPro Angler 12

    * The model rentable from this page.

    Rental Plans and Rates

    Our kayak rental-term options include:
    24-Hour rate: Just like it sounds
    Weekend rate: Pickup after 10am Friday and return Monday morning
    Two weekdays: Monday thru Thursday rentals

    The base price above at the checkout link is the "24-hour" rate, and just below that the drop-down list shows the pricing of the other options. Each rental of the Lanai includes a paddle and a life vest. We also do longer term rentals; just call and we'll handle it on the phone. There are some restrictions on availability, and you'll need a way to transport the kayak(s) and maybe a buddy to help. For all the fine print, see a PDF of our rental rates and policies.

    We also have many useful kayaking accessories for rent and sale, and it's lots of fun to combine kayaking with camping -perhaps up around the Mogollon Rim lakes northeast of Scottsdale. See our full selection of camping gear options.


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